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Rooftop Storage

  • Our Rooftop Storage has drastically reduced the land use and as results we are able to pack 40% more materials and equipment than usual. It has an area of 24,000 sqft and a capacity to store 5,600 tons worth of material. A 20 ton Gantry Crane moves along the entire span, bring materials and equipment to and from the ground floor's loading bay. This Crane packs material closely and eliminates the space for forklifts to manoeuvre. Every inch can be put to good use.

Safety Innovation - Fall Arrest Work Platform

  • Fall Arrest Work Platform for loading/ unloading of materials to and from trailer at worksite
  • Winning Innovation Award 2020 from EXYTE
  • Prevent risk fall from height during loading/unloading and lifting of delivery process
  • Effective for fall protection and prevention for work at height
  • Saving time and cost as well as improving safety of operations
  • Increase efficiency in materials handling process for transportation

RC Pile Handler

  • Patent Pending (ASEAN).
  • Silver Prize for Productivity & Innovation Award 2017.
  • Increases efficiency in pile material handling.
  • Eliminates use of lifting procedures.
  • Reduce reliance on lifting of RC pile material during unloading of delivery to worksite.
  • Increases efficiency in material handling.

Safety Innovation Driven Piling Rig

  • Operator seat built in with sensors to certify that operator is seated on the seat and ready for work.
  • The sensors are embedded under the seat cushions and is tamper-proof and if the wirings are cut or removed, the buzzer will alarm.

Safety Innovation Jack-In Piling Rig

  • Warning Lights
  • Foot Pedal Switch
  • Door Limit Switch
  • CCTV

Mobile Site Reporting System (MSR)

  • Online system can be accessed anywhere and anytime.
  • One-time data entry ensures data integrity throughout the process.
  • Auto-calculation eliminates human error.
  • Electronic data is quick and easy to retrieve.
  • Timely and accurate reports help management make quick and more informed decisions.

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