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Soil Investigation & Instrumentation / Specialized Surveying

Soil Investigation Pte Ltd. (SIPL)

Soil Investigation Pte Ltd. (SIPL) has been providing quality land and marine site investigation services to our clients since 1970. Our accredited soil and rock testing laboratory under the Singapore Accreditation Council - Singapore Lab Accreditation Scheme (SAC-SINGLAS), provides an extensive range of tests to meet the projects' engineering requirements.

Furthermore, we are specialized in the field of geophysical survey, geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring services, supported by a team of experienced and innovative staffs who perform reliable and efficient operations.

Wisescan Engineering Services Pte Ltd

Wisescan Engineering Services Pte Ltd ("Wisescan") is a licensed survey firm which provides a one-stop land surveying solution to a diverse client base. With more than 2 decades of experience, our specialization lies in 3D Laser Scan Survey, Tunnelling Survey and Automated Tunnel Deformation Monitoring Survey.

Wisescan has stayed abreast in technology by making hefty investments in cutting edge swiss-made robotic total stations and State of the Art Gyroscope Equipment. Wisescan is adept to take on the most demanding, complex and challenging project of all scales. Currently one of the leading land surveying firms, Wisescan has completed countless island wide Tunnelling Survey Projects and continues to maintain an impressive track record in the provision of Tunnelling Survey in Singapore.

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