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Sales & Lease Of Foundation Equipment

THL Group of Companies

The Group's foundation engineering equipment business is a joint venture with Tat Hong Heavy Equipment Pte Ltd. Initially established as a foundation and geotechnical equipment trading and rental company foundation division for Tat Hong, we have since expanded our business to include sales, rental, services and parts for a comprehensive range of foundation and geotechnical equipment as well as other related products. The Group has offices in Malaysia, Thailand, China, Myanmar, Vietnam, Philippines and India.

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ICE Far East Group

ICE FAR EAST Singapore (ICEFE) was established in 1988 to serve the Asian construction industry. Since then, we have set up subsidiary offices in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand. Throughout the years, we have earned the recognition of providing high performance, reliable and safe products to our customers. Our wide network of offices, dealers and partners in the Asian region has enabled us to serve and respond promptly to our customers. The company's knowledge and expertise in the foundation industry, coupled with its skilled and experienced professionals, ensures that ICEFE can provide quality, value-added services to its customers. This is our strength and will be our continuing focus and mission to carry us forward.

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